is almost ready to launch with the BEST bath salt alternative product

"You all know exactly who I am."

"Nothing stops this train."

"I'm in the empire business."

"Respect the chemistry."

"Say my name..."

It is the evening of May 15, 2015 as I write this, and just to update you all, a very NEW and 110% legal alternative bath salt type product will be available to most countries in the world very soon.
It has been a very long road and a lonely journey to reach this point, as I put everything on the line for this business, including my failed marriage. I still love her, but business now comes 1st.
This all kind of transpired during the now infamous and world renowned, and one of the greatest TV show series of all time, "Breaking Bad."
The TV show kind of imitates real life in some strange ways (at least for me), as Walter White is the same age as myself, and Walter is married to a tall beautiful blonde, blue eyed accountant wife.
I had a sick feeling in my stomach, that my marriage was going to fail, if I chose this type of business as a new career, which is a 180 degree about face from my reverse engineering electronics career (long story in itself). My marriage was already on the rocks, this just left me there. I wondered how much of this TV show, is going to be like my own life?
I watched this Breaking Bad TV show in earnest, as I had to know, how Walter White's life would end up, as the now infamous quote resonated with me to such a high degree (NO pun intended :-), the quote being:

"All bad things must come to an end..."

Of course it is mere, pure coincidence, that this Breaking Bad TV show show can ring true with parts of my life, however the concept of the show is just bloody brilliant. I do not have cancer, and I am not bald, nor am I an award winning scientist teaching high school science classes. However, I do have a high IQ of 122, which is not stellar, but no slouch either. However, when I see an advert for an online IQ test and they tout that Barrack Obama, George W Bush, and Paris Hilton all share an IQ of 125, I am kind of cheesed off! Of course I realize it is just a silly online advert, and I can NOT take it seriously, but Paris Hilton??? Come on! ;-)

There is sooooo much more to write about why this Breaking Bad TV show story is ironic and just mirrors parts of my life, that it is scary! I will save that for later though.

I 1st learned about this Breaking Bad TV show from a DVD series of the 1st season that was at an HMV store in downtown Vancouver, Canada (this store is gone, and a Victoria's Secret store is now there :-) I also learned of the TV show "Mad Men" the same way, both are stellar and great TV shows in their own right. I have NO interest in zombies or medieval times like the "Walking Dead, or "Game of Throne's.

Why am I even mentioning the TV show Mad Men??? It is because it is about marketing and ad design during a time that I can actually remember, and kind of long for (NO cell phones, NO personal/business computers, NO video games, NO VCR's).

I thought about Breaking Bad, and this whole "Bath Salt Not For Human Consumption" industry. I thought, "What a concept! What if you could market this/these types of products with Madison avenue marketing power?!"

Being as old as Walter White (during the shows stellar run on television), I realized that this is my last chance at the "Big Score" and to retire successfully and to not look back at my life with regret. I wanted to (and want to) provide for my family, just as Walter White wanted to provide for his family too, after he was gone.

This type of business will NEVER go away now, as the Pandora's box has been opened, and it is impossible to close it. Many governments have tried new emergency legislations and emergency laws to try and stifle this now mature bath salt Not For Human Consumption type industry, but is just too late. Yes, some of those chemical ingredients were silly, crazy powerful, and I had the chance to market these now banned chemicals in Canada at one time, (not too long ago to boot), but I could NOT see myself marketing such powerful dangerous chemicals.

The time is very near when my websites will be selling a brand NEW 110% legal alternative bath salt type product, which will garner a worldwide, happy and receptive audience for my products.

Walter White, Heisenberg, Breaking Bad